You Left Me
Why Am I Not Surprised?
Who I am and Who I was
We’re A Mess
Tragedy Girl
Thought Patterns
The Process Of Losing An Old Friend And Gaining A Stranger
The Estranged Muse
Take Heed, Bad Omens
Stay Beautiful, Crazy.
Slippery Love
Self Worth
Self Acceptance
Save Your Energy
New Regality
My Quick Descent
My Jigsaw Heart
Love Done Blown Me Away
Kid, You’re Gonna Be a Star!
Keep Your Fears To Yourself
It Lurks Within
In Limbo
Hold That Glow
Hearts Do Not Make Good Yo-Yos
Goodbye, Little June Bug
Face Your Demons
Emerge from Gloom to Bloom
Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Fingers
Dark shadows & Bright Suns
Bandia De Barlow
2headed Cat Skull